Tax Refund Delayed

Why Was Your Tax Refund Delayed This Year & What You Should Do Next?

No one wants to entertain the thought that there’s a problem with their income tax. But, when your tax refund is delayed, it’s only natural to worry. Furthermore, you are most likely wanting, or even needing, the money. Solving IRS tax problems is not a pleasant task. But, to get to the bottom of the issue, it’s necessary. If there is a problem, it’s important to find out what it is.

Possible Reasons for a 2022 Tax Refund Delay

It’s been a crazy year on all levels. The IRS is experiencing delays across the board. Even professional tax problem resolution services are reporting that the IRS is experiencing delays across the board with 17.5 million individual tax returned still not processed yet. Here are some reasons you maybe be experiencing a 2022 tax refund delay and what to do about it:

When an error is found on a tax return, it is reviewed manually. This results in additional time required to process it – ultimately approving it, or not. Even if it’s a simple mistake such as forgetting to sign the dotted line, your tax return may be delayed.

If your information, like your direct deposit account number, doesn’t match what the IRS has on their records, your tax refund will be delayed. The IRS will then investigate to see if you do own the said bank account and it will be determined if it does or does not pass IRS validation criteria. If it doesn’t, you will receive a paper check at a later date. In the event you have gone through one of the tax resolution services, the problem will be disclosed to the service when it is discovered or when an inquiry is made. If the deposit was made and the account number was not correct, you’ll have to deal with your bank.

Tax preparation and planning services along with the IRS have reported that 5.2 million tax refunds were red-flagged as being fraudulent last year alone. Almost two million were classified as identity theft suspects and were screened. The process of screening takes time and if there was fraudulent activity involved, you can count on your refund to be delayed indefinitely.

One of the most dreaded IRS issues is when the information you filed doesn’t match up with what the IRS comes up with. The most common problem is when the 1099 and/or W-2s turned in for you don’t correspond to the information you filed. Earned income that you are responsible to report but didn’t can be a problem too. The IRS will then begin an investigation which can be a timely process.

If you know or suspect that one of the problems above is what’s holding your 2022 income tax up, it’s time to take action. Tax preparation and planning services are experts in the field and can help you prevent getting into such a mess. Even if you have filed though, it’s not too late to turn to one of the tax resolution services in your area to get the issue straightened out. Such services are pros at solving IRS tax problems.

You can go online to find a service that can help you with your 2022 tax refund delay. Search for a service in your area and then sift through the results according to reviews, length of time in business, and certifications. Once you have located the service of your choice, give a call and speak to an expert about your specific problem. Tax resolution services are there to help and although foresight is better than hindsight, you will find that their expertise will help you find answers so you can take the appropriate action.