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Accounting & Tax Services for Day and Childcare Centers in Florida

There is obviously something very special about caring for your children. Now, there is something even more special about caring for other people’s children. This is exactly what is done by the day and childcare centers. Now, at this point of time, when you are organizing for childcare services, you do not get the time for caring for your business. The managing of the numbers in your business should not be just about the student to teacher ratios, the temperature of a sick toddler, or the minutes until nap time. In this regard, the managing of the numbers should basically help your business in planning for the childcare equipment, the costs of curriculum, space as well as staff. You should necessarily invest in the future of the children in your care by simply investing in the future of your business. In this regard, let us offer you the necessary help in providing a complete grasp on your overall finances. Full service accounting for childcare centers is what is taken care of by Complete Small Business Solutions.

Need to get your day & Childcare Businesses organized? We can help.

If you are providing child care facilities at home or daycare facilities spread over multiple locations over Florida, there are some of the most unique financial challenges in the field. The most common challenges faced in this regard areas listed below.

  • Properly qualifying for state funding along with appropriate reporting of the same to them in return.
  • Effectively obtaining the required financing for facility improvements.
  • Maximizing the available cash for payroll as well as proper monitoring your payroll for the easing of all of the cash flow constraints.
  • Balancing the total profitability of the company along with offering the best possible childcare services.

But you need not worry at all since we at Complete Small Business Solutions is here to help you in overcoming the challenges with our specialized services of accounting for childcare companies.

At Complete Small Business Solutions, we offer a complete package for childcare center accounting and tax services. Some of the major services areas listed below.

  • Home daycare bookkeeping and accounting services spread all over Florida.
  • Payroll for kindergartens and childcare centers in Florida.
  • Tax prep and planning for daycare and child care business operating in Florida.
  • Profitability Advice
  • Compilations
  • Setting up the business
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Determining Dependent and Child Care Tax Credits
  • Making decisions on the Food Program
  • Reporting Food Program Reimbursements and Claiming Food Expenses
  • Developing strategies to reduce your expenses and increase your income
  • Determining business-related expenses including direct expenses, house expenses, and capital expenditures
  • Reporting and tax issues related to hiring an employee
  • Financial statement preparation
  • New business advisor services
  • Budgets and financial projections

We at Complete Small Business Solutions are one of the premier service providers for accounting, bookkeeping, tax prep, and payroll for the daycare centers. With several years of experience, we know exactly what would be best suited for your business and we work accordingly so as to ensure complete satisfaction among each of the users. Our team of vastly experienced professionals has the necessary skill set as well as the expertise to come up with the best financial solutions for all of the childcare businesses in Florida. Additionally, you can give us a call or request from us a free quote or consultation service.


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