Why Work With Us?


The CSBS Advantage

  • State of the Union Address at New Client Meeting

    All records and tax strategies are reviewed. We verify whether accounting procedures have been set up properly and look for all available tax-saving deductions.

  • Proactive, Scheduled Meetings and Strategy Sessions

  • Our Concentration is Specializing in Small Business Owners

  • Records Updated Monthly

    Your Company’s Financial Snapshot is Always Current.

  • Client Knows Their Tax Liability 4-6 Months Before Due Date

    It’s too late in March or April to search for tax savings! We proactively and efficiently search for your tax savings ALL YEAR LONG.

  • One-Stop Shop

    We manage your bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, tax planning, and business planning. Our entire team keeps every facet of your business running smoothly, all under one watchful eye.

  • Our Experienced Staff Knows You and Cares About You and Your Business

    We want to be your trusted business and financial partner for life.

  • Flat Rate Pricing, Quoted Up Front, All Inclusive


  • VIP Immediate EMERGENCY Access to Your CSBS Advisor

    Contact us via a specialized procedure we provide only to VIPs!

  • Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Software

    All your financial documents can be transferred securely to our office. Our clients get complimentary access to their accounting and bookkeeping data on our cloud computers. We provide software downloads and updates, and software training is available.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology Allows Us to Outperform Our Competitors

  • Cloud-Based Portal Communication Tool

    Our cloud platform permits 24/7/365 immediate & auto-encrypted access to all documents, files, and communication with email notification. Your software and data are always available and retrievable from any location.

  • Online Meetings

    Our firm places a HIGH VALUE on your time. With any PC or mobile device, you can see, hear, and conference with us in real-time.

  • Email is a Secondary Communication Tool

    How many unwanted emails do you plow through daily? Our technology notifies you directly and immediately and uses an importance scale to alert you to what needs to be read now or reacted to later.

  • We Employ Layers of Technological Resources to Propel Our Clients To Efficiency & Success

  • Advantages to Our Clients

    • Top-Notch Efficiency
    • Up-To-The-Minute Accuracy
    • Increased Productivity
    • Highest Levels of Security
    • High-Speed Processing
    • Increased Communication

Video & Screencast Communication Platforms

We send you videos so you can SEE AND HEAR US on your PC, cell phone, or other mobile devices. No more misinterpreting (voice mail messages, lengthy email explanations, snail mail communication) what we ask or share with you in regards to your documents! This saves time and increases efficiency.

Bookkeeping Worry-Free Accounting

  • Turn Over Time-Consuming Bookkeeping Tasks To Us:

    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Recording Deposits
    • Tax Preparation
    • Financial Reports
    • Payroll/Tax Deposits
    • Year-End 1099s, W2s
  • We are Accurate, Convenient, and Paperless!

    You Have Access to Your Financials Anytime, Anywhere!

  • The CSBS Bookkeeping Advantage

    • Focus On Your Business Instead of Bookkeeping
    • Cost Savings By Eliminating On-site Clerical Staff
    • Simple & Secure Online Process
    • Convenient & Flat Rate Pricing
  • Bookkeeping Made Simple

    • Securely Scan Documents To Our Office
    • Our Bookkeeping Professionals Process Documents
    • All Financial Documents Delivered To You Online

Are you ready for a Fresh Approach to your Accounting Needs?

  • State of the Union Address

    • Owner Compensation Analysis
    • Deduction Finder
    • Financial Statement Review
    • Record-Keeping Analysis
    • Tax Strategies/Projection
    • Entity Analysis
  • Tax Planning

    • We Proactively Call You
    • Avoid Costly Mistakes/Surprises
    • Structured, In‐Person Meetings
    • Year-Round Involvement & Advice
    • Comprehensive Tax Planning Checklist
  • Proactive Monitoring

    • Record-Keeping Support
    • Monthly Review
    • Timely Guidance & Consultation
    • Up To Date Business Picture
    • Foundation for Effective Tax Planning
    • Year-Round IRS Compliance
  • Discovery Agenda

    • Tax & Accounting Needs & Concerns
    • Your Company Profile
    • Professional Introduction
    • Data Collection
    • Clarify Expectations
    • Specific Next Steps

Tax Preparation

  • Timely Tax Preparation
  • Business Returns Completed in January
  • Individual Returns Completed in February
  • Plan & Review Results in March

BREAKING UP is Hard to Do!

  • Conclusion Agenda

    • Review of the Last Meeting
    • Proposal
    • Decision
    • Schedule Strategy Session
    • Referrals
  • Call Us for a totally free business checkup.

Take One Step!

Your business can reap huge benefits by changing to a more future-focused, business-oriented accountancy firm – a firm that will help you reduce liabilities and avoid surprises. A quick consultation with us will reveal if you are getting all the services you really need. We understand the difficulties associated with change, and we will help you work through them should you decide to convert to our services. When necessary, we will write a letter to your current accountant explaining that you are leaving, and we will have your files sent directly to us. No awkward explanations or phone calls for you – just a better direction for your business’ future.