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How QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors Can Help SMBs Save Money?

Did you know that QuickBooks accounting services can help your small business save time and money? If you are looking for a quick and simple way to keep up with your business’ finances, finding an accounting service near me that offers QuickBooks bookkeeping for SMBS is the optimal way to go. Learn how QuickBooks specialists can help streamline your business finances.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package that is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses use cloud-based applications in order to tend to functions such as payroll, incoming and outgoing payments, and various other office management duties.

Locating an accounting company that offers QuickBooks accounting services provides solutions to a myriad of problems small businesses face. QuickBooks is a program you can be set up to use so you can utilize the software, omitting the need to have your accountant do everything which takes time…and money.

Many bookkeepers, financial advisors, and accountants claim to be experts in QuickBooks, but most aren’t. It’s imperative to go with a certified one, not just offering to share the little knowledge they have or claim to have.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor consultant certification ensures that your QuickBooks professional is an expert that isn’t just offering basic QuickBooks accounting services. The certification requires that an applicant take and pass an exam to prove they are an expert in using QuickBooks. There are different levels of QuickBooks bookkeeping for SMBS certification that have varying hours of training and difficulty including:

The QuickBooks Certification requires a candidate to complete a certification exam that covers topics like setup, installation, recording transactions, and financial reporting. A score of at least 85% must be achieved to be certified. Six chances are given.

This type of certification is very basic. It definitely beats not being certified at all. But, it is best to have even more proof of proficiency.

This QuickBooks Certification has a fuller and deeper understanding of the program. In addition to passing the basic certification for three years in a row, this level requires a candidate to have the ability to troubleshoot client issues and also possess intermediate-level principles of accounting. Only three attempts are given to attain this level of certification.

This certification is to show a ProAdvisor has what it takes to serve retail industry small businesses. It is given once every two years to ensure the applicant is up to date.

This level of certification requires the candidate to not only pass the basic test but also the Enterprise Solutions exam. It tests knowledge of financial products and also the candidate’s ability to set up and support clients effectively and efficiently.

Begin your search by entering “QuickBooks Proadvisor in my area” in the search bar. Or, you can google “QuickBooks consultant near me”. You will get a slew of results so you will want to filter through them to find an advisor that is certified in QuickBooks.

Once you have located a “QuickBooks proadvisor in my area”, make sure they truly are in your area. It is of value for the “QuickBooks consultant near me” to be within driving distance to you as you will set up a physical meeting with them to learn to install and use the program in person. Having a QuickBooks Pro to help you set up your program is a game-changer. Having one who is fully certified as an expert to help you with any issue you run into is priceless.