6 Key Financial Indicators You Should Review Every Quarter With Your Accountant

If you have a small business accountant for your company, there are some financial indicators you should be reviewing each and every quarter with your certified public accountant for small businesses. Checking these 6 key indicators can make or break your company.

The firm you choose to represent your small business is crucial. You should review the company as a whole and make sure they are working for you and not against you. To compare, conduct a search for business tax accountants near me in Florida and see what is available. See how your firm checks out against the accounting firms for small businesses and make adjustments for the next quarter if needed.

Your cash conversion cycle or CCC is a measurement of the time that it takes to collect a payment, shift inventory, and pay bills. It is a measure of the ability of your business to keep a healthy cash flow going. It should be as short as possible, so you can maintain your inventory and have funds to keep it going. If it isn’t in good order, be sure to take steps to improve it.

Over half of all SMBs are negatively affected by late payments. There are often penalties attached and other problems that arise from the situation. It is wise to review how many past-due invoices your company has. You can pull the data yourself or hire someone to do it like an accountant. When an accountant is responsible for it, you’ll want to make sure the job is being done accurately and that means reviewing it periodically. If your small business accountant isn’t performing this job correctly or you find there are too many outstanding receivables, it’s time to make changes.

It’s imperative that your P&L statement and balance sheets are in good health at the end of the fiscal year. Many business owners don’t understand when their financial statements indicate trouble, so it is a good idea to learn more and also to hire a small business accounting firm you can depend on. A CPA for small businesses should be able to identify where revenue is being generated and report that to you. Then you can be aware of any pitfalls that may be standing between you and your profit potential. Public accounting firms for SMBs are professionally trained to balance your incoming and outgoing transactions and to help you understand how those figures can be translated into improving your company practices.

The amount of cash flow you have in hand within your business should be accounted for by your small business accountant. A cash flow statement is the tool of choice for establishing how cash comes in and out of your business over the course of a year.  It is actually a better tool than a ledger or P&L. The cash flow statement records how payments are made and determine the cash in hand that results from it.

When reviewing the health of your finances, you should be able to get a feel for your overall cash forecast. If there are changes that are needed, those things should be revealed in the review. Your financial habits are either working for you or not so by a good examination of the financial status of your business, you will understand if changes are in order and if so, where they are needed.

When you hire an SMB accountant by searching “business tax solutions near me” in Florida, you will be able to find a firm that can offer a certified public accountant for small businesses. Once you’ve done that, it doesn’t end there. You will want to keep an eye on the financial health of your business to make sure your accounting firm for small businesses is working for you in an optimal way and if not, make changes accordingly.