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5 Reasons Your Not-For-Profit Needs to Hire a CPA Firm

Non-profit organizations are built on good intentions and passion. While those two are noble indeed, they do little to assuring the ultimate success needed to keep the business going. Outsourcing an accounting firm will help you keep your not-for-profit organization up and running smoothly.

Top reasons to hire a professional CPA firm

By diversifying management and making sound and solid decisions, your not-for-profit organization will be much more likely to blossom into the project you’ve dreamed it would be. Five ways of outsourcing an accounting firm can benefit your endeavor are:

If you want your vehicle fixed right, you turn in a mechanic to do the work. If you are in need of medical help, you go to a healthcare professional. Tending to the finances of your non-profit organization is no different. If you want to make sure your “baby” has enough funds to stay afloat and receives all of the benefits and tax deductions available, you’ll want to hire a professional CPA firm. That’s what they do. Non-profit accounting services excel in the field of finance and their job is to make sure you succeed.

A certified public accountant, or CPA, brings much to the table. They are highly skilled in areas that are quite complicated for laymen and laywomen to understand. Not understanding the accounting can cost your non-profit dearly. Hiring a certified public accountant adds credibility to your organization. Not only does it help assure you the endeavor will succeed, it speaks volumes to those who donate to your organization as well. Having a CPA says you are serious and legitimate. Those who are considering investing time and money into your non-profit are more likely to follow through with a commitment when you take professional measures such as hiring a certified public accountant.

Taking available deductions and using other resources that are available to not-for-profit organizations isn’t all that difficult to do. But… what happens if you get audited after doing so? Taking deductions you can’t prove you qualify for can cost you money and can even shut your non-profit down for good. Hiring a certified public accountant can help you get through an audit and come out shining.

The best success is sustainable. It continues to grow. If you want your non-profit organization to thrive, you will want to consider outsourcing an accounting firm. In doing so, you will have complete access to all of the benefits such as assistance with your taxes and financial advice but won’t have to learn all those areas yourself. That way, you can focus on your organization rather than all the blue and red tape that goes along with it.

It’s common for not-for-profit organizations to find someone on their team to attempt to tend to the bookkeeping duties. Typically, doing so is a mammoth mistake. Hiring a certified public accountant that is skilled in nonprofit accounting services will not only assure all the finances, record keeping, and taxes are done correctly, it will maximize those areas so that you move ahead. It will also allow your team member to spend their time doing the things they are passionate about rather than tending to things they are unfamiliar with.

Hiring a certified public accountant may seem like it is not a necessary move for a non-profit organization, but the fact is, it is quite the contrary. Employing the service of a certified public accountant can be the very thing that propels your vision forward. And, after all, THAT is what makes dreams come true.

If you are considering the benefits of hiring a certified public accountant could bring your non-profit organization, reach out to the services of www.completecpa.com. We would love to let you know what we can do for you.